Un Giardin sul Balcon

"Non ghe xe erba che la varda in sù che non la gabbia la so virtù" (da tradição vêneta)

terça-feira, 13 de julho de 2010

Basilico Gigante

Italian Giant Basil can be eaten as salad, because of its juicy and light flavour. Here, it appears with poultry and zafferano rice.

Making Herbal Frittata
I love curry plant, lavender, cerefolium, thyme, chives and marjoram with grana cheese and eggs. Some mint can be nice either.

Herbal Drinks and Teas

Here's a little treat for summer evenings. Thyme, sage or erbaluisa are particulary suited for ice teas. For hot ones, I prefer celery, which has a wonderful green hue. This is from Martha Stewart.

Dining out

This picture was taken when a friend and I have decided to have an outdoors meal. We took our wine glasses and salad bowls to the garden and suddenly there it was: a very under the tuscan sun atmosphere!

My garden today

This is how it looks nowadays. Most of the varieties are edible, but not all. I fancy edible flowers and salad greens a lot.

Herb Gardening

I simply cannot cook without herbs. When I was home, I could sometimes find them fresh in supermarkets, but since I have moved to a smaller town, it has been hard to find anything but chives and parsley on local suppliers.

That being said, I've rolled my sleeves, borrowed some grandma's grimoires and planted a few species, which have grown to a full vertical garden. These are my stories.